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Fleet Wrapping

Fleet Wrapping in Lafayette, LA

Grafx Plus specializes in fleet wrapping. Take your business advertising on the road with our premium fleet wrapping services. Our in-house art department can assist you with logo design for your fleet or simply upload your design and wrap installation request to our website. 

We can install custom wraps, decals, partial wraps, fleet branding, or stickers on your company trucks, service cars, buses, or delivery vans. Create a cohesive business brand by wrapping every vehicle in your fleet. Your company vehicles will be unmistakable in public and on the road. 

Design it your way

Our fleet wraps can cover the entire surface of your vehicle or partially cover it and are specifically fabricated for fleet vehicles. Our fleet wrap fonts align with your business brand font, are superior quality, and look professional on your fleet of vehicles.

Our talented team of certified graphic designers will work closely with you to design your fleet's vehicle wraps to reflect your company's values, capture attention, and showcase your brand's personality. 

Fast turn-around time

We understand that your fleet is a core part of your operations. That is why we ensure that we have your fleet in and out without compromising on quality or professionalism. We have the necessary space, equipment, and a commercially experienced design team to ensure that your fleet won't be off the road any longer than it needs to be.

After an initial meeting to discuss the project details, our team will work on your fleet, ensuring that your vehicles look polished and professional and they will be back on the road in no time.

We specialize in graphics design, installation, and wrap design, which enables us to do the whole process in-house. With one team working under one roof, you can rest assured that the level and quality of workmanship are unrivaled. 

How long does car wrapping last?

This is possibly one of the biggest advantages of vehicle wrapping over traditional signs and banners. A properly installed vehicle wrap made from superior quality products should last between five and seven years.

That's why you should speak to the professionals at Grafx Plus about your fleet's wrap installation. Our team of experts and outstanding workmanship combined with the highest quality wrap in the industry means that your fleet will look sleek, polished, and professional.

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