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Vehicle Wrapping

Vehicle Wrapping in Lafayette, LA


Grafx Plus is the premier vehicle wrapping specialist in Lafayette, Louisiana offering automotive vinyl wraps. Our designs and workmanship allow our clients to make bigger, brighter, and bolder statements through their vehicle wraps. 

Custom wraps

Custom wraps are for individuals who want to make a statement or express their style through a custom-wrapped vehicle. Our design team will help you to develop a custom sign and banner on wheels that is uniquely yours. We can create any design, feel, or theme that you have in mind. Allow us to help you stand out on the road with a design that is custom-made for your vehicle. 

Vehicle wrap cost is surprisingly more cost-effective than a respray and will give you a higher-quality finished product. These wraps usually last between five and seven years, which makes them durable and high-value for money, while also allowing you to create a look and feel that defines your personal style. 

Color change

You can change the color of your vehicle at a fraction of what a full respray may cost you. We offer hundreds of different full-color wraps and finishes to choose from to give your vehicle a brand-new look.

And, unlike a respray, the vinyl wrap can easily be removed to return your vehicle to its original color. Whatever your budget, come and see us at Grafx Plus and speak to one of our representatives. We have a wide selection of industry-leading vinyl wraps to suit any budget. 

The process

We know that you want a design that is unique to you. That's why our process starts with an in-depth consultation where we obtain as much information about your desired outcome to offer you a unique wrap


We utilize 3-D rendering software to adapt the design or color to your vehicle to evaluate the look and feel of the final product before we start. 

Once approved, the vehicle is scheduled for a custom wrap. The car goes through a pre-inspection and into a wash bay to remove any dirt and impurities stuck on the surface. Once complete, the car gets prepped for application.

Our highly skilled and trained technicians apply the vinyl wrap and inspect the final product before returning it to you. 

For a professional quote on a custom vinyl wrap for your vehicle, speak to the professionals at Grafx Plus today about your custom vehicle wrap. 

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